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This Book Will Make You Sleep

This book will make you sleep

Most people will have experienced the panic of not being able to get to sleep at some point in their lives. However, whether you've had sleeping problems for a week, a month or several years, this compact and friendly book will enable you to overcome them.

Applying the latest developments in CBT, alongside useful tips and exercises, Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar will help you get that elusive night’s sleep you so badly crave. Reassessing your thoughts and behaviour, changing your routines and applying relaxation techniques will give your body clock the shake-up it needs and leave you looking forward to going to bed.

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This Book Will Make You - Range

The ‘This Book Will…’ series published by Quercus aims to make psychology accessible and easy to understand. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) they’re practical, straight-forward and packed full of strategies that are proven to work.

Each book provides clear and simple ways to overcome problems leading to immediate results (as well as long-term change). Helping you to feel your best and manage any difficulties you might be facing.

The series is now published in ten languages and launched in the US.

Snoozing, slumber, forty winks, shut-eye – whatever you call it, sleep is an integral part of all our lives. You can’t choose to stop needing sleep, just like you can’t choose to stop breathing. It’s a function that our bodies perform automatically, which means not being able to drop off can be frightening, frustrating and completely exhausting.
We spend about a third of our lives asleep on average, or at least we’re supposed to if all goes according to plan. However, when you’re lying in bed counting down the hours until your damn alarm goes off, the helplessness you feel can become overwhelming; it can start affecting your day-to-day life. When you’re sleeping normally you don’t even think about it, yet when it goes wrong sleep can become an all-encompassing obsession. It’s like getting toothache – the pain is suddenly all you think about, influencing everything you do and how you feel. When you can’t sleep you’ll curse yourself for not appreciating those blissful nights of oblivion you used to know.
We have to sleep to survive – you’re not just conked out, your body is going through extraordinary psychological and physiological processes. In fact, you can actually survive better without food than you can without sleep. The harder your body and brain works during the day the more you need to rest, which is why the consequences of sleep deprivation can be dramatic.
In spite of all this, it’s harder than ever to switch off in the modern world. After a day at work we come home to TV, the internet and a flurry of Facebook notifications, Tweets and more emails (work and personal). Smartphones are starting to become the norm, bringing the Internet and social media into every aspect of our lives – constantly
distracting us and making it that bit harder to wind down.
The good news is that while you can’t force sleep, there are loads of things you can do to encourage it. This book aims to give you the means to kick-start positive resting patterns, whether your sleep’s been messed up for a night, a week, a month or a year.

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