Q & A with Kerrie-Anne Bradley

Kerrie-Anne is next up on my Q&A (the last in the series for a little while). She’s another person I’ve met through Instagram and although we’ve never actually met (we’ve been close a few times!) I really think she’s fab. She’s also the best person I know at handstands, random planks and my fave #squatdropstyle.

Kerrie-Anne grew up in Jersey and has lived in France, Durham, Australia and Birmingham before moving to London. A mum, stepmum, Pilates teacher and an economist, she loves fashion and travelling, and is a bit of a social media obsessive.

Kerrie-Anne set up London Mother’s Club, a brilliant edit of places, people and things in London. If you haven’t already checked out her website and Instagram account make sure you do!

Really looking forward to hearing more about plans for LMC in the new year and Kerrie-Anne’s Pilates projects!

What is your motto for life?
Be kind!

What is your current destination?
I am working on a pretty mega idea for my Pilates business at the moment. I can’t share the details but I am super excited about it and it is something that I will launch in 2018. I am also working on developing a website for my business too. I teach a lot of clients (25-30 hours per week) and mostly 1-2-1s so I am looking to improve/expand my service by sticking a reformer and a ped-i-pul on my xmas list (Hint hint Tim!)! I love helping people to feel better mentally and physically and so I want to develop this further too through my teaching.
There is also some exciting changes happening at London Mothers Club and all of that will become clear in the new year too. Let’s just say that you can’t really be a club when it is just one of you….
I have a few longer term goals which may seem silly but include: learning to speak French fluently and owning a little house in rural France where we can escape to in the summer – definitely somewhere with water near by!

What advice do you have for your 16-year old self?
Be more confident – look at what I had achieved, rather than what I hadn’t. Worry less and care less about what others were doing. Oh and probably drink less alcohol too!

What three things are you most grateful for today?
My daughter and husband, pilates and confidence.

What are your natural highs?
Seeing friends, dancing, teaching and doing pilates, relaxing by water, shopping and hanging out with my family on a Sunday doing the simple things like going out for a walk and cooking

What gives your life balance?
I have started trying to have 20 minutes of gentle exercise each day where I most focus on my breath and then introduce small movement. It is incredibly energising. Also, every few months I like to go off for a spa trip with friends. I read a lot to relax and I also find that cooking helps me to switch off. All the rest of the time my mind is going a million miles an hour!

What makes you laugh?
My daughter, husband and best friend Sophie.

What is your proudest achievement?
Two: Ivy and passing my pilates course. It was pretty tough both physically and mentally and every day for 10 months. There were many points where I considered giving up but I didn’t and now I am so happy!

Who in your life has influenced you the most?
This is a tricky one as there are so many people! If I look at this moment in time I would say my mentor Sarah Woodhouse. She is a Pilates guru and I am so lucky to have her. Actually, I am constantly trying to persuade teachers to have a 1-2-1 or to come to one of Sarah’s workshops because it’s so important that as teachers we keep learning, and Sarah has a lot of experience and knowledge to share!

Which five people, living or dead, would you invite to a fantasy dinner party?
Patti Smith , Andy Warhol , Marie Curie, Kate Moss and Ron Fletcher. Ha, a random bunch so not sure how it would go?!

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
I used to play and be pretty good at the violin and was first vionin in the Jersey Intermediate Orchestra. Now I reckon I would struggle to play Twinkle Twinkle….

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