Dream Big

Whilst most of us focus on achieving our goals, research suggests that setting them is just as important for our health and happiness as reaching them. Your ambitions provide direction, acting as a map for your future which, in turn, can increase positivity and boost confidence.

Whether in your career, personal life or relationships, focusing on your dreams forces you to think about your intentions giving you a sense of purpose that can carry you through the difficult days. So, to reap the benefits of dreaming big, here are my top seven tips for increasing happiness through setting goals.

Make A Positive Change

Goals work best when their aim is to make a positive change. Keep things simple and ensure they’re realistic and achievable. Also, take your time setting them; if you make them too hastily they might only reflect how you were feeling at that time.

Have A Mix

Include small, medium and big goals so you achieve them at different times and have various projects to focus on, which will give you a boost of motivation. Think about your hopes and dreams: new things you want to do, places you’d like to visit, work goals or people you’d like to see. If it’s a bigger dream, break it down into manageable steps so it’s clear what you’ll need to do to achieve it.


Write them down and share them with other people – this sets your intentions and makes you more accountable.

Set The Right Kind Of Goals

The best ambitions involve personal growth or are outward looking (community, charity, working collaboratively or supporting others). These lead to higher levels of wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment. If your goals are based solely on self-interest then you won’t get the same benefits, so steer clear of anything that focuses on financial success, social recognition and physical attractiveness.

Celebrate Your Success

When you reach your goals it’s important to recognise your achievements and celebrate them. The satisfaction gives you motivation and confidence to tackle the rest.

Reserve The Right To Change Your Mind

Dreams aren’t set in stone. If something’s not working or doesn’t align with your ambitions anymore, be pleased you tried it, but know it’s not for you and move on.

Enjoy The Journey

Ensure you enjoy yourself as you work towards your goals – if you’re only focused on the end point you’ll miss out on all the other benefits. It’s cliché but how you get there and what you learn along the way is just as important as the destination.

Originally written for SheerLuxe.

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