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This Easter I (finally!) went to see Moana at the cinema. I’m not sure if my tastes have changed since having children (or if it was just the fact that I never had an excuse to see these films before) but we all loved it and we’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. After this and Trolls (still on repeat at home) It got me thinking about music and it’s benefits…

You don’t just hear music – you feel it. It has an unconscious effect on your mind and body and the rhythm just makes you want to move (look at kids when music is turned on!). It feeds into your mood connecting to memories of another time or putting into words how you are feeling. It impacts on the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for controlling blood pressure and heartbeat, as well as the limbic system which is responsible for feelings and emotions.

When you listen to music that’s upbeat, it boosts your mood and has a really positive effect on wellbeing – it’s shown to bring pleasure, engagement and meaning and scientists have found that listening to a particularly happy song changes the way we perceive the world for the better.

This week, try listening to your favourite feel good song for a mood boost. Music and mood are inherently linked. Listening to your favourite song is a really simple way to increase your happiness and lift your spirits.

The best thing is how easy it is to do, whether you turn on the radio when you get up in the morning, listen to a feel good playlist on your commute, or turn up the music and have a dance.

– Wake up to your favourite happy song, so you get the day off to a good start.
– Turn on the radio when you’re at home.
– Put together a play list of your favourite feel good songs and listen to them on your commute.
– Listen to music when you’re exercising for a double feel good hit. It can release endorphins, boost mood and distract you from any discomfort you might be feeling.
– Join a choir. If you’re actively engaged with music, you’ll gain great benefits, and it offers an opportunity to connect with others.
– Take a music class. Learning an instrument improves memory and has a calming effect on the mind and body.
– Go to a concert. Feel the atmosphere at live events and enjoy an experience to remember.

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