Join my Five Day Happiness Challenge

Today (20th March) is International Day of Happiness. The perfect day for me to launch my free Five Day Happiness Challenge. Sign up here to take part. (If you’ve missed it today, don’t worry, you can take part at any time.)

The five day programme is a crash course in understanding your mind and what you can do to take charge of your happiness. Every day at 8am you’ll receive an exercise, which will outline your task for the day.

You’ll experience genuine positive results from these skills and techniques. All the strategies are evidence based, which means they’ve been scientifically tested and are proven to boost your mood. Each one uses a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) framework so that you learn simple tools to feel your best.

Once you have these new skills, they’re yours to use whenever you need!

It’s not just about reading what I send each day, I also want you to try out the strategies. It’s a bit like learning to drive – it’s all very well getting your driving theory, but it doesn’t actually teach you how to drive a car.

Psychology is the same. The theory is really helpful (and interesting!) and it’s the first step in understanding your mind better, but it’s putting these ideas into practice and actually doing the strategies that will really make a difference to how you feel.

If you feel like you need a happiness boost or would like to learn some simple strategies to ensure you can keep on top of low mood in the future then join me for the challenge.


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