Stylist – Who’s Afraid of the Green Eyed Monster?

How to tame the monster


Your thoughts aren’t facts – they’re just your biased mind’s opinions, which can be challenged. The next time you think something like, ‘She’s so good at everything’, question it: Is she really? Is it just that she has a different approach to life to you? Seek a more balanced view.

It’s easy to dwell on what you believe you lack – a state that breeds jealousy. Write down three of your best qualities or things you’re good at, anything from being loyal to a great cook. Acknowledging your best bits will make you less inclined to covet what others have.

Jealousy can trigger fight or flight mode. A breathing exercise will calm you. Place one hand on your chest and one on your abdomen. Breathe slowly through your nose. As you inhale push your abdomen against your hand, feeling it rise. Hold for two seconds. Exhale and feel your stomach deflate. Repeat five times.

When you feel the emotion surfacing, name it: ‘Here’s jealousy again’. This helps you feel in control. Picture yourself on a platform with jealousy as a train coming into the station. Ask yourself if you want to step on board. No? Then let the train leave without you. The emotion will pass naturally if you don’t engage with it.

  • August 03, 2015
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