image-3I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and run a private practice in London, with consulting rooms in Chelsea. Before setting up my own practice I worked in the NHS for eight years. I am passionate about psychology and the benefits it can bring.

I can help you to make sense of your current problems and consider the possible causes of your difficulties. By understanding your situation better you can learn techniques to manage it differently, improve it and cope with it effectively.

During the assessment phase of therapy I like to gain a really good understanding of the difficulties you are facing and the symptoms you are experiencing. We work together to break down the problem and explain it in terms of thoughts, feelings (emotional and physical), behaviours and beliefs.

I help you think about the coping strategies you are using and whether these are working for or against you.  We can then map out the problem and think about how it can best be resolved before making a plan for treatment. Assessment is normally over two sessions and treatment tends to be between 12-20 sessions. Therapy is on a weekly basis.

Often people feel they are struggling alone. They think that the secrets they hold closest and feel most ashamed of set them apart. In fact, these secrets and feelings are what makes them human and just like everyone else.

I am co-author of the This Book Will series published by Quercus. They provide sound expert advice on the most common life-affecting issues that people typically experience, providing clear and simple ways to understand and overcome problems.

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